Engaged Life!

It’s been a little over a month since we got engaged and I just wanted to share a little something with y’all!

He left the day after we got engaged and I don’t know when he is coming back. I’m so stinkin excited for him to come back so we can finally have time to celebrate our engagement. For the most part, we’ve both handled the distance well but this time it has been wayyyy harder sending him away again. Like I just can’t seem to get back into a routine because not knowing what happens next brings all the anxiety. I am the type of person that likes to have my days, weeks, and months planned. I know that when things get out of order, God is in control and I shouldn’t worry but ya know, I’m only human so that can be a challenge. I never expected to be 18 and engaged yet alone to a military man! I’ve always told myself that I couldn’t handle two things: a long distance relationship and dating someone in the military. Well, God had other plans because we’ve been together for 4 years and it’s for the most part been long distance AND I didn’t only date someone in the military but I’m about to marry him!! Over the course of these 4 years, I have really learned to trust in Gods timing and plans. We can try to plan our whole life out and list the things we can’t handle but that’s when God throws the things you “can’t handle” at you and shows you that you can. What I said I couldn’t handle has turned into the biggest blessing! I also need to brag on Justin a little bit because this whole time he has constantly made me feel loved and made sure I get a good laugh daily from lame jokes or memes! Always trust in Gods timing because there is nothing better! I mean, God gave me the most amazing man and I couldn’t ask for anything more! Thank you to everyone who has sent kind words and prayers our way! We really appreciate it.

For those of you who are in a serious relationship, engaged or even married, I highly recommend reading the “Getting Ready for Marriage Devotional” by Jim Burns and Doug Fields. We are also looking for another daily premarital devotional, so if you have read one and loved it send the name my way! We are about to start “Preparing for Marriage” by Dennis Rainey so I’ll let yall know how that goes 🙂

IMG_3096.JPGThanks for following along! Xoxo

How I started..

Hey guys!!

This is my first time blogging but I’m looking forward to blogging a few times a month.

I wanted to just tell y’all about how this passion of mine started. My mom was always interested in photography so my dad bought her a pretty basic Nikon camera.. well, lets just say the camera became mine because I totally fell in love with taking pictures from the get-go.  I started taking pictures at our annual crawfish boils and just of friends. I thought they were great pictures. ha but looking back, they weren’t all that!! I had NO IDEA what I was doing but I just knew I loved it and that was enough to keep me going. I was using the phone editing app, VSCO because I didn’t even know Lightroom was a thing. I was so intimidated because there are so many amazing photographers out there. I almost gave up in the beginning because the self-doubt was real. It has been a work in progress, but I am super happy that I stuck with it because it has allowed me to meet the sweetest seniors, families, and the most in love/ rad couples!! I also want to thank the people that have supported me from the very beginning and let y’all know that if you find what you are passionate about, don’t give up because it can turn into something great! If you find yourself loving photography, do NOT be afraid to reach out and ask me questions. Community over competition is so important to me! I wish I had reached out to fellow photogs sooner. I want to take the time to thank Katy Simmons for allowing me to second shoot and teach me her amazing ways. Also, thank you to Sydney Barker for teaching me some cool stuff too!

XOXO, Andrea